Am I covered if my dog did it?

We’ve seen our share of unusual claims.  We’ve even had to make one ourselves.

I had a lovely string of antique pearls Randy had given me as a gift.  I really loved that necklace!  I wore it everywhere.

Unfortunately one day the strand broke.  Pearls scattered everywhere!  After frantically gathering all the pearls, I carefully bagged them and slipped them into my purse to take to the jewelers.

My dog watched the whole affair.  I never knew my fuzzy baby was a pearl connoisseur – or a jewelry thief!  Unobserved, she dragged the pearls out of my purse and escaped with them.  By the time I discovered her dastardly deed, she had half the bag emptied!  Yes.  My dog ATE my lovely antique pearls!

Unexpected transformation

We all know that with a dog, what goes in will eventually come out.  Sure enough the pearls did come out, but… ewww!  They were partially digested!  They looked nothing like the beauties they used to be.

I have to admit i was a little embarrassed making that claim.  Sometimes when an insurance company pays a claim on damaged property, they will take possession of the property.  So naturally, I asked them if they wanted me to send them what was left of the pearls.

No. They did not. 😉