Do I need Professional Liability Insurance?

file folder tab that reads Q&A,, for Questions and AnswersMost people realize the importance of having a Business Owners policy whether they operate from their home or otherwise, but few think that they might also have a professional exposure.

This is for your doctor, dentist, attorney, or CPA. Not you – Think again!

What General Liability Does

First it is important to understand what general liability does besides the normal trip and fall exposure.  In the simplest of explanations, general liability (GL) covers you for bodily injury or property damage resulting from you or your organizations actions.  If for you are providing a service and fail to provide the level of service expected, then you have a professional liability exposure.

As a professional, you are held to a certain standard, based on the knowledge and training you have in the field you work in. If you fail to provide your service with the skill and professionalism that your profession demands, a court could hold you legally responsible for your client’s suffering.

We can help you review your specific liability needs

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