Just got your renewal premium, and not happy? Call us!

Most of our auto and homeowners insurance clients came to us because we helped them find something better.  They were unhappy with a big rate hike in their insurance premium, and not sure they were getting their money’s worth.  We helped them find a good policy for a good price.

We can help you, too!  Find better insurance for:

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Homeowners Policies

Many people buy just a standard insurance policy because that’s all their mortgage company requires.  This coverage might be adequate for some, but it’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all solution.  Just a few of the things some standard policies don’t cover:  100% replacement costs, housing expenses if your home becomes unlivable, unattached structures, medical (for accidents), flood, earthquakes.

At Rekerdres, we walk you thorough the options you have so explain your choices to you.  Talk to us.  We want to make sure you get the insurance you need, as well finding you a competitive premium.

Auto Insurance

When it comes to auto insurance, most of our clients need a lot more than legal minimums.  Frankly, we don’t even deal much with those types of policies.  Why?  Because most of our clients are looking for:

  • Replacement coverage – getting a replacement car that is legitimately comparable to what you had
  • Adequate medical and lost income replacement in case of serious injury
  • liability limits that are large enough

Questions about what kind of auto insurance is right for you? Talk to us.  We can also help you with boat, recreational vehicle (RV) and motorcycle insurance.

Umbrella Insurance

What is Umbrella Insurance?  It’s extra liability insurance.  It can extend the liability coverage of your homeowners insurance and your auto insurance.

Who needs umbrella insurance?

People and families with assets they want protected from expensive lawsuits.  AND, people who have a higher than average expected future income.  This is because some judgements take into account current and future earnings.  An umbrella policy can also cover legal expenses, which can be a huge expense even if you win the suit.

Is umbrella insurance expensive?

Surprisingly, no.  Most policies are just a few hundred for the first $1 million in coverage, and even less for the next million.  You can cover part of this cost just by adjusting the deductible levels on your homeowners or auto insurance policies, then applying the savings to your umbrella insurance.

Wondering if Umbrella Insurance is something you need? Talk to us.  We can help you understand your current insurance coverage and see if umbrella insurance would be an addition that makes sense for you.