Does Rekerdres Insurance do online quotes, 5-minute quotes, or anonymous quotes?


Emphatically, positively, absolutely NO.

Why? file folder tab that reads Q&A,, for Questions and AnswersBecause the kind of insurance tied to those kinds of quote services is usually not the kind of insurance you need.  Sure, those policies are sometimes low cost.  And, they let you check off the “I’m now legal” box.  But those policies are notorious for not providing enough coverage for most common claim scenarios.

“Getting you legal” does not always mean you’ve got good coverage.  Or that your insurance company is interested in paying claims in a timely manner.  Unfortunately, it’s usually when a claim is filed that people find out these hard truths.

We focus on very good coverage for a very good price.

You can’t find these policies in five minutes.

We do have a pretty fast turnaround time for our quotes – often the same day.  Our measure of competency is not in speed – it’s in accuracy.  We want to make sure we match what you need to what you’ll get.

Are you interested in quality insurance for a competitive price?  Talk to us – call us at 214-265-1221 or send us an email.  We’d love to help you find what you need.